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Thinking of Building a Home on Kauai ?

There are a number of challenges to be faced in building a home on Kauai, but never fear they can be overcome with strong doses of patience & perseverance.

Cost is always the first concern and I must warn you $250 to $400 per foot just for a mid-grade home is not uncommon and expect $450 to $600 a foot for a quality higher-end home. Also swimming pools are quite expensive on the Island, ranging from a modest pool costing $140K up to $350K for elaborate pools with waterfalls and infinity edges.

Time is also a major consideration for mainlanders considering building on Kauai, from the time you close escrow on your dream lot, you are looking at 2 years before you are “putting the key in the door” even if you are really organized and focused in on completing the processes of finding an architect, designing the home, selecting a builder, completing the permitting process and overseeing the construction. So if you still want to tackle this project here is what you need to know about the permitting process:

In order to obtain the necessary building permits for a home on Kauai you will need to navigate six county departments and one state agency. Below is the contact information for each:

1) The building department controls most of the actual construction issues such as framing, electrical, plumbing, heating and ventilation. Dept. of Public Works, Building Division (808) 241-4854

2) The planning department manages all zoning issues, ie; minimum lot size, lot coverage restrictions, single or multi-family dwellings allowed, setbacks between the building and the street, side and rear yard, etc. County of Kauai, Planning Department, (808) 241-4050
3) County of Kauai, Department of Water, (808) 245-5400

4) The engineering department takes care of things like streets and roads, flood zones, sidewalk and curb and gutter, storm drainage, lot drainage and other lot and street issues. Dept. of Public Works, Engineering Division (808) 241-4883

5) Dept. of Public Works, County of Kauai, Division of Wastewater Management (808) 241-6610

6) Fire Department, County of Kauai, (808) 241-4980

7) Dept. of Health, State of Hawaii, Environmental Health Services (808) 241-3323


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